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The Gem Center was started in the Gold Coast by Opal miners and wholesalers and now offer Australian Opals direct to the Public.

Several Opal miners have worked 20 to 30 years’ opal mining so the center does have good history and professional knowledge.

We have the largest range of Black Opals in Queensland from budget opals to the rarest and valuable harlequin pattern Black Opal.

As we are based in Queensland we have top variety of Boulder Opals from the opal field  which is over thousands square kilometres from Winton in the north to Opal fields Koroit and Yowah.

The Gold Coast Opal and Gem Center is a perfect location for opal miners to showcase their Opals  as many opal miner’s families live on the Gold Coast, it is only day drive to most opal mining towns and as life is very hard and dusty it is the ideal base for the opal miners.

Also during the summer months, it is just too hot and dangerous to mine opal so many families will stay in Gold Coast for these 4-5 months.

The Gem Center has different sellers so buyers can compare stocks form several different mines and it is good value to opal buyers to see this variety as opal mines do vary from Ligthning Ridge, Coober Pedy, Boulder Opal fields.

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