All of the Opal sellers are fully experienced and have all been in the industry from 20 – 30 years each.

As we are all professional long term Opal sellers our shop is a commission free shop.

It is common practise for Asian tour guides to inflate prices in some shops and get large percentage commission.

This is common practice for Opal shops in Surfers Paradise.

So buy direct from Opal sellers who are members of the Australian Opal association for the best Opal prices in Queensland.

The Gold Coast Opal and Gem Center is an ethical shop and no commission is paid to any tour operators.


Seda Opals                Specializing in black opal Mining at Lightning ridge

Opal rush                  specializing in black opal Mining at Lightning ridge

TrueblueOpals        specializing in opal specimen displays

TrueblueGems        specializing in gemstones

Opalmania                specializing in Boulder opals

Volcanic opal            specializing in Volcanic opals

Creative Jewelry       specializing in Opal jewelry

Rollingstone Opals   specializing in Korioit and Yowah opals