Opal Cutting

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The Gold Coast Opal and Gem Center also has several companies located that cut their own Opal rough. Unfortunately we cannot offer tours as it is actual Opal cutting process with valuable rough Opals. Most of our rough Opal is Black Opal from Lightning Ridge with some crystal and fire Opals from Coober Pedy in South Australian.

Some of these companies have opal mines at Lightning Ridge and once the Opal rough is washed it is taken to the Gold Coast Opal & Gem Center to be graded and processed.

Some of these cutting machines have cut hundreds of thousands Black and Crystal Opals.

Boulder Opals are cut and processed at the Queensland Opal mines cutting rooms as different equipment is required to cut and polish these Opals and it is very messy with brown stains from the ironstone that is associated with the boulder opal.

Our sellers also have jewelry manufacturing factories in Asia for silver Opal jewelry but the 18k gold jewelry is made in Australia to high standards.

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